Wina Dajcie - 'The Dark Isle'

In February 2019, 'The Dark Isle', the painting by Marq Kearey was shown in Wina Dajcie restaurant in Rzeszow. The painting was created in Sala752 during the summer of 2018 - even before Sala752 was given its name and undergone the refurbishment. The British artist used the space during his impromptu residency in this old, disused family house which later became Sala752, an artist studio.

The showcase was also an opportunity for Sala752 founders to introduce the idea behind Sala752 to those who came to see Marq's work. Apart from presentation of Marq's art, it was in some ways an evening of Sala752 launch as the plans were revealed to the audience and the first formal artist residency announced. Thanks go to Wina Dajcie for hosting the evening and to for documenting the event with beautiful photography.