Marq Kearey - Summer 2018

British artist, Marq Kearey, is a co-founder of Sala752. It was Marq who in summer 2018 opened the door to what is now Sala752 and declared ‘I would like to work here this summer’. He tidied up to make some space for himself but little did he know what would happen next. Working away from his London home and a regular studio, Marq created a painting entitled ‘The Dark Isle’ which he then showed to the public during an open studio event at the end of his stay. The event was so positively received that it was decided on the night that this disused old family house should be transformed into a permanent creative space: for artists who would like to live and work here (open plan live/work space), creative industries (various events, hot desking) and those eager to spend a night in an artist studio. Thanks for the inspiration, Marq.